Jennifer Ulman, L.Ac.

Why Yoga?

At first, I resisted yoga myself.  Who wanted to get in a hot room with people who could bend themselves into any shape and meditate on demand?  After years of saying no, I finally decided to give it a try during my second pregnancy.  I have realized so many benefits which I share with my patients.  

My personal yoga story is one that most of my patients know.  But this story is one I have wanted to share for years.  This is from someone who I originally saw for low back pain, and said "You know, I think some stretching and yoga would go a long way to helping this condition."  His story for those who don't think they can for whatever reason.  He tells you why that's wrong.

"I want to share with you my experiences practicing Yoga every day for the last 38 months straight. Yes, I said every day…..I have not missed one day. Saturdays? Most definitely. Sundays? Yes. Each and every Holiday? Absolutely……EVERY DAY ! !  I’m still very actively working (40 + hours a week) and I start every morning with Yoga. I have a bad lower back (L4 and L5) and refused to take any medication for pain, so I turned to Yoga. I dabbled with Yoga for a few years prior to my commitment in 2015 however, dabbling did not give constant relief from my pain. I was under the same assumption as most, Yoga is putting your body in a pretzel position, that if you were able to get into the position, chances are you could not get out of the position. I started a You Tube search for an instructor that I could feel comfortable with, and after many hours of watching and listening, I found that person. To me, Yoga is stretching, not knot binding positions that hurt. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so my first goal was one month without stopping, then two months, then six months, and now my goal is to not stop. There have been days that I absolutely did not want to practice Yoga, but I have. If I have an early morning client meeting, I get up half an hour earlier to continue my quest to not stop.  Take my challenge and set your first goal of 21 days. Start slow, and if your online instructor presents a position that you know you can’t get in to, or know it will hurt you if you try, wait until that routing returns to something you feel comfortable with. BTW, I’m a 69 year old male....I’ll be 70 in 3 months. Yoga works for me. I hope it will work for you."